How We Do It
Corporate Mission

To provide our clients with professional, quality, comprehensive construction services. To treat our clients, subcontractors and business associates with honesty and integrity.

I do the very best I know how – The very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.

–Abraham Lincoln

Taking On The Variety Construction Challenges

Since 1983 Starker Construction Co. has been involved in the varied spectrum of construction projects in the Denver metro and Colorado marketplace. We are committed to providing our clients with a complete package of services on every job. By offering ancillary services before and after, as well as during the field aspect of the project, we meet a wide range of client needs, resulting in a cohesive overall construction program for:

• New construction
• Tenant finish
• Building additions
• Remodeling
• Exterior renovations
• Specialized facilities (i.e. computer, medical, restaurant, industrial)
• Structural modifications and repairs
• Site development (including overlot grading, utility construction, building pad preparation)
• Building occupancy changes
• Restoration & Renovation
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Modifications

The Best In The Field

When it comes to performance in the field, nobody is more focused on delivering quality workmanship and construction integrity. At Starker, our most valuable assets are the skills and enthusiasm of the people we put on the job.

Whether it’s new construction, rebuild, renovation, or restoration, we draw on the many years of combined experience and expertise of our staff to set up field construction programs for owners which include: computer scheduling, safety programs, quality assurance controls, partnering with owners, intercompany communications and project team building.

Supporting Clients Before And After The Field Work

Quality, timely and efficient field performance is essential to success in any construction project. That’s a given at Starker Construction Co. But today’s owner must rely on its general contractor for more than jobsite capability. To meet the total job requirement we include the following among our services:

Subcontracting –

We continually evaluate quality subcontractors and prequalify them for technical competence, financial stability, job performance, competitiveness, and scheduling compatibility.

Suppliers & Vendors –

We maintain an extensive list, both local and national, and choose those providing the best prices and availability on common and specialty materials.

Financial Relationships –

We develop and maintain solid banking relationships to ensure cash flows and adequate financial backing to support our operations on behalf of clients.

Payments & Liens –

We apply project payment controls and lien release procedures to ensure accurate and timely payments and a lien-free project for the client.

Insurance –

We provide a complete range of insurance coverage and options to fully address risk management issues.

Bonding –

We maintain close working relationships with our Treasury-listed surety in order to offer bond assurance to clients.

Contracts & Purchase Orders –

We execute comprehensive general contracts, subcontracts, and purchase orders to ensure clarity and responsibility for assignments within the project.

Estimating –

We provide a full range of accurate estimating services, from preliminary conceptual estimates to detailed take-offs and “hard dollar” bids.

Accounting –

We maintain a fully developed computerized accounting system to track individual job costing and company-wide financial performance through monthly reports and annual audits.

Value –

We provide plan evaluation and value engineering principles to extract maximum impact for the client dollar, often suggesting alternate materials and methods that meet project objectives at lower cost.

A Process To Meet Client Needs –

In response to the variety of client needs on individual projects, Starker Construction Co. is able to deliver services under various construction disciplines, which include the following:

Design/Building –

We provide practical design solutions with up-to-date information on available materials and methods. This concept is especially helpful in working with mechanical and electrical subcontractors to find integrated solutions to design problems and move a project ahead on a “fast track” basis.

Negotiated Contracts –

We provide input to the design team “early on” in the process, a valuable service facilitating the preparation of preliminary cost estimates for various design options.

Construction Management –

We can provide professional expertise and management skills in overseeing a project for Owners who find it advantageous to assume greater risk.

Time & Material and Cost Plus –

We can apply these methods to projects when the scope of the work is unknown and costs cannot be accurately measured.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) –

Providing an Owner the dual advantages of cost savings with “top set” cost control.

Competitively Bid Lump Sum –

We employ this traditional approach when plans and specifications are determined and scheduling can accommodate the bidding process.

Full-Service General Contractor –

We work with a broad range of clients including:

• Corporate and institutional facility planners
• Commercial real estate developers
• Restaurateurs
• Physicians and medical facility planners
• Leasing agents and brokers
• Small business entrepreneurs
• Universities and school districts
• National retailers
• Banks and financial institutions
• Churches and religious institutions
• Industrial organizations
• Municipal, state, and federal governments

We would be happy to discuss your project with you and your staff at your convenience. Please call Starker Construction Co. at (303) 595-8900 or fax a message to (303) 595-8918.


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