Who We Are

William J. (Bud) Starker, is President of the Corporation. He was born in Houston, Texas in 1950 and spent his childhood in the United States, Europe and the Middle East as the son of an Air Force officer. He graduated from high school in Tehran, Iran and received his B.A. Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Bud worked during college and after graduation as a carpenter and ended his field experience as a project superintendent for commercial construction. He spent six years as an estimator/project manager prior to starting Starker Construction CO. in 1983. Bud lives in Wheat Ridge with his wife, Mary, and sons, John and Adam.

Jim R. Haney, General Superintendent of Starker Construction Co. Mr. Haney has vast experience in the field as project superintendent as well as project management/superintendent function. Having spent his early years as carpenter foreman on large projects, he is conversant with multiple crew activities and personnel management. He has also been at the “point” position for development and co-ordination of plans and specs.

Neal Gardner and Robert Finholt are Project Superintendents, journeymen carpenters and experienced project leaders. They each have a strong background in commercial construction, both tenant finish and new construction, and have proven their abilities in meeting project deadlines and budgets with well supervised projects.

In addition to the key individuals listed above, Starker Construction Co. employs carpenters and laborers to perform many jobs in-house to enhance quality, provide flexible scheduling and maintain cost control. The company maintains a carpenter shop with a full complement of tools and equipment to support their field operations.

Starker Construction Co.   722 Kalamath St  |  Denver, Colorado 80204  |  phone 303.595.8900  |  fax 303.595.8918  |  info@starker.net

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